Eight Can’t Wait

My dearest wee bee,

As I sit here, writing this love note to you on your eighth birthday, I cannot believe you are eight.  Wasn’t it just yesterday that you were, my wee beauty, only seven? (Here I am imagining you giving me a silly look and saying, “yes mama, I was!)

I remember I used to write these love notes to you, typing one handed, while you slept curled up beside me against my other arm.  Still to this day I can only type on my phone with one hand.  It’s a good Mama-trick, I guess…  But now I am typing this love note to you on my computer because I finally have both hands free to use a keyboard, a day that I didn’t think would ever get here (seriously- at one point, I even started to do all of my graduate research notes on my phone with just one hand), and yet…here we are.

I remember we used to read board books together, and you would say “I do, I do” as you tried to turn the pages too quickly ahead.  And I would long for the days when I would be able to read my own book, just for five minutes, by myself.  But now we sit, cuddled up side by side, each reading our own favourite novels.  A day that I didn’t think would ever get here and yet…here we are.

I remember taking you swimming for the first time, you splashing delightedly, me holding you in my arms, wondering when you would swim off on your own and I would be able to dive deep underwater for just a moment.  And now we swim, diving deep underwater, having tea parties and hand stand contests.  A day that I didn’t think would ever get here and yet…here we are.

I remember planting zucchini seeds with you for the very first time, cupping your tiny hand beneath mine, and placing each seed one by one into your hand and then…well…you already knew what to do at age two because you dug a tiny hole with your finger, plopped the seed in place and covered it over.  (I guess sometimes things do stay the same, sweet bee!)

The long and the short of it, my darling girl, is that while it makes me wistful, longing just a bit for the days a few short years ago when you needed me that little bit more, it also fills me with this huge sense of gratitude for being able to witness you grow into this person that I always knew you were meant to be.  It is by far the biggest and brightest and bestest gift that I have ever been given.  Here’s to another trip ’round the sun for you, wee bee.  Keep shining bright and bold.  I love you more than anything in the whole.wide.world.

xx Mama

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