And now you are two

dearest wee bee of mine–

Zoe Bee, what a year it has been!  And how much you have grown!  So much has happened and changed that I do not even know exactly where to begin, or what to write.  Except that I know that the key when staring down a blank computer screen (aka writer’s block) is to pause, think, and then just keep writing.

And maybe, Zoe, just maybe, this is the key to life itself.

Maybe, just maybe, this is the lesson that we have learned, together, this year.  When you have no idea what to do, or what to say, or what to feel…pause, think on it for a moment or two, and then just keep living.

Keep dancing.  Keep singing.  Keep writing.  Keep playing.  Keep smiling.  Keep laughing.  Keep crying.  But just keep on going.

Through the feelings of uncertainty, when you don’t know if you’re doing the right thing or not, when you don’t know if you’ll make a mistake if you choose A instead of B. Through the feelings of sadness, disappointment, worry, despair.  Through the intense feelings of excitement and joy, when you feel that things can’t possibly be true because they just seem too good.  Through the fear: of being too vulnerable, too exposed, too much, too little.  

I’m going to let you in on a little secret, my darling sweet girl:  sometimes you will make a mistake.  Sometimes you’ll feel uncertain and scared for a good long time, so unsure of what to do that you’ll just wait, in limbo, feeling anxious.  Sometimes you’ll feel sad, disappointed, worried.  Sometimes life hurts.  

But often (most often, knowing your tendency to bring joy with you everywhere you go), you will feel Joy.  Excitement.  Anticipation of amazing things and people and places to come, as they all wait for you, right around the corner.

I used to be so very, very afraid, Zoe.  And to be honest with you, sometimes those worries creep in again from time to time.  But luckily, I now know that in life, we have a choice.  It is our choice, your choice, my wee bee, to dwell in the fear, or to dwell in the possibility of love.

All we can do is trust that the universe has our backs, and that everything will be okay.  Because it always, always is….okay.  Better than okay.  In fact, it’s always pretty darn amazing.


“grab your coat and get your hat

leave your worries on the door step

life can be so sweet

on the sunny side of the street” 

-Tony Bennett

Expect Amazing.  Trust that everything will be better than Okay…because the truth is, it already is.




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