When in doubt, Love

“Love Wins”– many a wise person

My darling wee girl,

When not one but two dear friends ask you how the writing is going and you realize you haven’t written anything in a good long time, in spite of the fact that writing is a significant and driving passion in your life, it makes you wonder: why?

Why haven’t I written? Why haven’t I shared? 

Sometimes the powerful forces at work in our lives take up so much energy and time and solid effort that the idea of writing about this magical and miraculous process takes a back seat.  Occasionally, it takes a back seat so far away that it is in a different car, in a different city entirely.

And while it pains me to write this, there has been so much change that I forgot about the writing.  Forgot about writing my love letters to you, my dear beauty, because I’ve been deep down in the trenches of soul shaking work.  Or maybe it’s Soul Reclaiming work, because, as Simon and Garfunkel sing, “after changes upon changes we are more or less the same.”  And I feel as though I am finally, finally, finally back to the girl I have always been, finally making my way back to the girl who’s been there waiting, all along. 

And now, as I climb my way up the glittery pink ladder out of those trenches, that I’ve built with my own two hands, I can tell you this:

When in doubt, Love.

You see, my wee bee, it is precisely when you doubt that you need to turn towards Love.

Fear thrives in those places where love has been forgotten.  It hides in the dark and shameful and painful corners, not just in the world but even and most especially in ourselves.

Fear, in whatever form it takes (coming from your own self or those around you), has this incredibly insidious and nasty nasty way of making us feel like we NEED to control ALL the things, immediately and forever more.  But this just breeds more and more and more fear, because if I am the one in control and I have no clue what I’m doing, how can I be trusted?

When others are mean, when they bully, when their words threaten to pull you back into those fearfilled places, when they make you doubt…Just Love.  Meet them in the middle, send them love, and keep on dancing.

And just as importantly, when your own fear and doubt creep in, turn towards Love.  Surrender to it, to the very deep truth that when we trust in Love, when we trust that we are deeply, deeply loved by the universe (creator, God, or whomever or whatever you choose to believe in), everything will work out exactly as it is meant to be.  When we hand over the reins to trusting in Love, in this greater power that is taking care of us, then fear has this incredible way of slipping away as it is no longer necessary, because we know, deep deep inside, that every little thing will be alright.  Or even better than ok.

When in doubt, Love.

Because, my dear Zoe, love always wins.

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