Eating Up Life…

“Beat ED. Then Ate Up Life.”

I strung those six words together as a way of summing up my hopes and dreams and continuing journey through life a little over a year ago. At the time, I had no idea that my life would change so dramatically–that we would be truly blessed with such a sweet “Bumble” of Pure Joy who would fill up our lives with sweetness and light and love.

And now, my wee bee, my darling gorgeous girl, has started her own journey into the realm of “solid” food (here I am putting solid in quotes because her puréed food most definitely does not resemble anything solid-like at all!).

I am struck by the fact that Zoe turned six months of age last week -the week before National Eating Disorders Awareness Week- that she started on her avocado “soup” the same week that, just one short year ago, we spoke at the Sheena’s Place Awareness Breakfast together (Zoe, at that time only sixteen weeks in utero and going by her nickname, Bumble). Zoe has since joined me, bouncing away on my hip, for many other speaking engagements. But this one was special, because it was the very first time I had spoken in public as a mother. It was, really, the first time that I started to consider the miracle of growing and gaining from the perspective of a new parent-to-be(e).

And now, one year later, I watch as Zoe Bee takes a gleeful spoonful of her very special avocado….she grabs the spoon from me to feed herself, swirls the avocado around in her mouth, discovering new tastes and textures, eagerly looking to her bumble bee bowl for more…and then, when she has had enough, she simply stops eating.

My wish, my fervent hope for you, Zoe Bee, is that you will always be able to have such joy in your eyes, excitement in your smile, and love in your heart whenever you eat. May food always be a friend, never a foe. May you always eat when you are hungry, and stop when you are full. May you delight in trying new foods, tasting old favourites, and dancing around the kitchen as you help Mummie with her baking. May you continue to let yourself grow and flourish into the beautiful person you are meant to bee.

May you always “eat up life”, knowing that Mummie already Beat ED, so that you will never have to…

Oh Zoe, how I love you! And how grateful and joy-full I am, with all that you teach me, every single minute of every single day.

(*Originally posted on And Bumble Makes Three on February 4th, 2013)

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