And Then, Suddenly…

Zoe…sometimes you might be sad.




And then, suddenly…

Suddenly you will find yourself dancing up a frenzy in the sunroom with your family to the scene where Hugh Grant is dancing to “Jump (for my love)” in Love Actually.

Suddenly you will find yourself dancing at school on a frigidly cold day during recess (since it’s much much much too cold to go outside).

Suddenly you will find yourself curled up and cozied up in a blanket, by yourself or with someone else who makes you smile, reading quietly, enjoying the (shared) silence.

Suddenly you will stop for just a moment and think to yourself, “Wow. My life is nowhere close to what I thought it was going to be and yet it is completely amazing.”

Suddenly…each day, each moment, each memory is a gift.

(Here I feel I should type “and that’s why it’s called the present”…but I think it’s much more than that. I think it’s more like “and that’s why it’s called BEING present”)

On the eve of my birthday, I am giving great thanks for the best gift of all–you–and all you have taught me–especially the gift of being present.

And then, suddenly…

You will Be Here Now.

Except that you, my love, already are.

All my love to you, sweet wee bee

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2 Responses to And Then, Suddenly…

  1. Ken says:

    Mommy writes 5000 words on her PhD and then suddenly has the energy to write this lovely and thoughtful post.

  2. Carrie…I wish you every bright, shining blessing for your special day, and for the sparkling year ahead. I admire you more than I can say. I am always touched by your pure heart and spirit, by your beautiful words, and by your true love for your sweet wee bee.. I’m so thankful to be connected with you and I’m sending you lots of lovelight…from Peterborough! Love, Casey

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