Sono Grata

Dearest Girl of Mine–

You need no convincing of the power of gratitude.  Of this I am sure, because when I introduced the idea of doing a “nighttime gratitude” with you, you understood without me needing to explain one teeny tiny bit.

So I know you won’t mind if I take a moment (or a post) in your blog to give thanks to all those folks and spaces and things that make our lives a little better, a little brighter, each day.

Here’s to our home, peaceful, colourful, joyful– with dear friends right upstairs and family just around the corner.

Here’s to our farmer’s market where you get fruit-puréed Popsicles and goat cheeses and pea shoots and balloon animals and beautiful flowers.

Here’s to our library where we borrow books and movies and get free passes to the AGO (as well as other museums and galleries).

Here’s to the parks all around our home where you dip your toes in the splash pad and climb up the climber.

Here’s to all the family and friends who join in our delight: coming over for dinner; planting our garden; dancing in our kitchen; reading story after story; cuddling up for movies; sending flowers and cards and texts and calling when they can’t be with us; eating breakfast with you (early every morning- thanks Noni and Nuki)…

And here’s to you: you bearer of joy with your sticky sweet fingers and gentle curls.

Sono grata….sono grata…sono grata.

With each breath, we are blessed.

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