“Accept What People Offer”

Accept what people offer.  Drink their milkshakes.  Take their love.-Wally Lamb

Dearest Wee Bee,

My brain has been swirling with ideas for what to write on this day that marks the start of my 38th year on this planet (since, as Nuki reminded me, when you turn 37 years old you’re starting your 38th year here)…  I have to say there are maybe too many little pieces of mummie wisdom to offer up on this day of all days.  And then I thought…I haven’t written about accepting what folks offer with grace and delight.

While we don’t have too many dear ones offering us milkshakes (unless they were alterna-dairy!), I have found, as you will too, my wee girl, that the world is filled to the brim with people who just want to love you, if only you will let them.

Strangers who say good morning and wish you a wonderful day as you cross paths on your way to work, every single day.

Friends who pop in at a moment’s notice to let you cry on their shoulders; to go on play dates with your wee lass (that’s you!); who send care packages and cards from near and far away.

Family who pick out the most perfect cards every single time; who dance with the “birthday bear” singing the Beatles’ birthday song at 7am in your living room; who are always there at the other end of the phone.

Until very recently, I had the hardest time accepting what people offered to me.  I fretted about what I could offer in return…something big, bold, beautiful.  Something that proved that I was worthy of what they were offering, of all the goodness and light.  Because who am I, really? How could I possibly be worthy?

Lean in close, my dear girl, so I can tell you a big secret – although really, it’s something that I hope you share far and wide, as it should not be a secret any longer:

You are worthy of love.  We all are.

So drink the milkshakes.  Eat the pink doughnuts that are offered in the sweetest way, from the sweetest person.  Accept the cherries from your own wee bee, one day in the not too far off future, while you watch Gilmore Girls curled up on the couch.  And remember, you are worthy, not just of love from others, but especially and always first and foremost, of love from your own self.  Take not just their love, but your own.  Make your own delicious coconut milk ice cream milkshake and drink it with your swirly straw glasses, right down to the very last drop.

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